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Multi players Interactive 8D / 6D Simulator Cinema With 6 DOF Electric Platform 7d cinema

Multi players Interactive 8D / 6D Simulator Cinema With 6 DOF Electric Platform 7d cinema

  • High Light

    4d dynamic cinema


    4d theater system

  • Product Name
    Mul-ti Players Interactive 8D / 6D Simulator Cinema With 6 DOF Electric Platform 7d Cinema
  • Dynamic Source
    Electric Platform
  • Screen
    Size Can Be Customized
  • Movie
    More Than 100 Pcs And Regular Updating
  • Guarantee
    12 Months
  • Functions
    Gun Shooting And Facebook Share
  • Place of Origin
    Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
  • Brand Name
    Movie Power
  • Certification
  • Model Number
    8d cinema system
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 set
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    Air bubble plastic inside, carton and wooden packing outside
  • Delivery Time
    7-15 working days after receiving the deposit
  • Payment Terms
    T/T 30% deposit, the balance should be paid before shipment
  • Supply Ability
    200 Set/Sets per Month

Multi players Interactive 8D / 6D Simulator Cinema With 6 DOF Electric Platform 7d cinema

Multi players Interactive 8D / 6D Simulator Cinema With 6 DOF Electric Platform 7d cinema





What's the features of 8d cinema system ?


8d cinema system is made of by three-dimensional film(3D Movies) and the surrounding environment simulation which called four-dimensional space. It is based on 3d movie then adds special effects, new video products formed in the simulation, trough linkage to the audience and movie content to stimulate or enhance the immersive effect. When the audience to see the stereoscopic film, along with the film and television content change, they will real-time feel the storm, lightning, rain, vibration, spray ,leg sweep and so on functions, cooperate with the three-dimensional image. 



What's the specifications of 8d cinema system?



Room space size (L*W*H),m

Screen size(m)

Seats combination 


6m*3m*3m,18 square meters




8m*3m*3m,24 square meters




8m*5.5m*3.5m,44square meters




9m*6m*3.5m,54 square meters




10m*7m*4m,70 square meters




9m*8m*4m, 72 square meters




13m*9m*5m,117 square meters




22m*13m*7m,264square meters

Arc screen:12m*4m


More persons are for choice…




What's the details of portable amusement equipment 8d cinema system?

1. Using the latest interactive technology.

2. Easy to attract target customers, specially young people.
3. Free Movies: 140+, like thrilling, funny, horror, exciting, etc.
4. Free special effects: 15+ ,like wind, rain, snow, fire, etc.


What's the Special Effects of 8d cinema system?

• Lightning: When the movie screen shots when there is thunder and lightning, cinema hall will issue a dazzling lightning, accompanied by the roar of lightning, so that the audience feel like being at the height of summer thunderstorm days.

• Rain: When the film for a rainy pictures, showing the slightest fear of stirring up the hall Xindy, which is installed in the hall on top of the spray device consists of computer controlled to complete, the audience will truly feel at this time rain fall from the sky, moist his hair and cheeks.

• Snow: Snowflake function efficiently and quickly to manmade snow Feifei triumphantly sky drift down the screen from top to bottom with snow,indoor snow under. Snow on the screen and indoor snow mixed one, a sudden exposure to the audience will be wrapped in silver makeup Su's world.

• Smoke: Simulate a large number of burning smoke, smoke arises accompanied by "flames" as if the sky in the combustion. Simulated mist shrouded, curl between clouds dance in the audience.

•Bubble : Generated bubbles filled the air of the real. Quest in the undersea world and underwater, the divers, aquatic plants and animals due to the role of metabolism, will spit out a number of air bubbles from the bubble machine blowing bubbles in the theater of the drift, alienation between the audience and the theater every corner of the make theater in the vivacious atmosphere of mystery.

• Vibration: In the seat is installed below a motor and eccentric wheel to generate the exciting force of about 12Hz to seat vibration. When the movie screen, an object lens and lens impact or landing such scenarios, the instantaneous seat vibration make the audience feel as if being in a virtual reality.

• Spray : Spray Simulation Simulated farmland irrigation, sprinkler car cleaning, artificial fountains,
people or animals at close range facing the crowd, breathing and so on.

• Jet : Our company developed dynamic 4D seats right and left sides each have a set of fog, gas nozzle, simulation from the audience in front of the air, breeze.

• Leg sweep: Leg sweep Mimic small animal climb trousers inside feeling.







 Power mode 

 Electric system 


 6 DOF electric platform

 Seat quantity   

 6/8/9/12 seater is available

 Chair effects

 Back poking,Air injection,Leg sweep, blow air to face, blow water to face, vibration

 Special effects   

 Rain, snow, bubble, lighting, wind,fog,smell,fire


 12months for hardware,Life time service for software


 1 set


 7 days after receiving deposit


 Bubble pack + wellpappe + stretch films + wood frame



Movie Power offer you one-stop service

1. We can provide a professional design for cinema overall layout,special effects equipment installation figure and circuit line figure according to your space size.
2. We can offer for free service such as,cabin design,advertisement or experienced marketing planning for you.
3. We offer you the professional installation guid video or dispatch our technician to your location to help you install the cinema.
4. We offer you the professional 4D/5D movies which do it by us for free, because we have our own technician to update the 3D movies.
5. We can offer every customer qualitative after-sale service on 24 hour.



Multi players Interactive 8D / 6D Simulator Cinema With 6 DOF Electric Platform 7d cinema 0