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Guangzhou Movie Power Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd. 86-20-2388-5219 sales@movie-power.com
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We focus on Virtual Reality Simulator, VR 360 Simulator, VR Racing Simulator, VR Theme Park products and so on

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China Guangzhou Movie Power Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd.

Guangzhou Movie Power Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd.

Guangzhou Movie Power Technology Co.,Ltd. (Brand name : Movie Power) is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research &development and application of VR, AR and 4D dynamic technologies. It integrate creativity, R&D, content, production and solutions and operation services. Focus on providing high-value immersive entertainment education products and solutions for indoor park, cultural tourism, science research and other industry applications. Movie Power is the leading company in this field. Movie Power's main qualifications and honors: National High-tech Enterprise, "The best Chinese Technology", Innovation and Technology Industry Bench-marking Award, Guangzhou Science and Technology Popularization Base, ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification, Intellectual Property ...

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