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The 14th GTI Exhibition and Movie Power 2023 New Product Release Pre-sale


Movie Power is a national high-tech enterprise and a provincial specialized new enterprise focusing on R&D, production, sales and operation services of VR and 4D dynamic equipment. Our business covers VR entertainment, popular science research and 5D cinema. As a leading global company, we have more than 3,500 customers across four continents: North America, Europe, Southeast Asia and South America.


New VR Game Machine Sinmulator -- a more immersive and high-yield star machine March 3, 2023, with multiple body-sensory plots, ultra-fast profit return, and ultra-extreme realism.


VR Super Armor

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1. A game can be played by 6 people, which is highly efficient and suitable for C-position gathering to achieve efficient customer acquisition and conversion.
2. Cool mecha shape, full of futuristic feel!
3. Multiple somatosensory special effects, enjoy the ultra-realistic gaming experience with ultimate immersion and zero distance.
4. Contains 144 different VR theme contents to meet players’ preferences for different game types.
5. Win high popularity and high efficiency for the venue, and bring you profits faster!


VR Super Agent

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1. Single-player challenge/online two-player shooting game.
2. Exciting scenes and levels open up a fantastic gaming experience.
3. Self-service voice prompt service, unattended.
4. Equipped with an automatic recycling device, the gaming experience is more convenient and faster


VR Super Time-Machine

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1.360° rotating cockpit simulation platform.
2.4D wind sensing system transforms visual sense into real tactile experience.
3. Six-point safety belt + fixed feet, 360° all-round fixation.
4. Weightless simulation breaks through the singleness of visual impact and simulates more somatosensory postures and angles.
Continue to meet players’ needs for early adopters


Super Speed

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1. Real racing experience simulation platform.
2. Three-screen surround, 135° ultra-wide field of view, immersive visual experience
3. Professional racing simulation force feedback steering wheel.
4.4D wind simulation technology, enjoy the feeling of racing and bring a more realistic and immersive racing experience
5. Six-axis high simulation, with a swing range of up to 15° and a stroke of up to 400mm, allowing you to experience drifting, drifting, impact and road grip changes in a shocking way.


More virtual reality new gaming equipment all in the movie power waiting for your cooperation.

Date:3rd - 5th March 2023 Area D, 19.1 Hall Booth: 19T12A.

Adress:Guangzhou˙China Import and Export Fair Complex.


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