Movie Power new product - VR Sky Ride got a lot of attention.


From August 10th-12th 2022, the 6th Asia VR & AR Expo and the global release pre-sale of new products of Movie Power ended successfully in Guangzhou, China. Movie Power participated in the Expo with the theme of "VR Technology + Metaverse Entertainment", bringing its first “The second-generation full-sensing space technology”: the world's first ride-on and somatosensory space theater - "VR Sky Ride" debuted for pre-sale, attracting customers from all over the country to come and visit.



During the 3 days of the exhibition, the 180 sqm main booth of Movie Power exhibited a number of star products, they are Internet celebrity punch-in products making stunning appearances on the spot, attracting many audiences to stop and watch, let me take you to review the scene excited atmosphere.




01/ Marked the spot in the scene, surprise is endless.


At the exhibition site, there were activities such as marked-in experience products and free gifts, which were welcomed by the public. Discount coupons, blind boxes, dolls, golden eggs and other prize gifts were rich and colorful, bringing countless surprises and revelry to the players on site!




During the three-day exhibition, Film Dynamics, with its strong black technology innovation ability and brand influence, attracted many visitors to come to experience and negotiate. The popular atmosphere was strong, and the crowd of on-site experience lined up in a long queue, and the on-site audience played fundamentally. can not stop! Excited!




02/New Product launch-"VR Sky Ride"has attracted lots of fans.


The focus of this exhibition is the second-generation of VR full sense space new product which developed by Movie Power--the world's first VR ride simulator, full sense space theater-"VR Sky Ride"This new product has took 3 years to developed, and hundreds of people participated in research and development, more than 1,200 users participated in the testing, and the favorable rate reached 98%.




The new product pre-sale day was full of expectations and attention as soon as it appeared at the exhibition. The audience came to the With 2.5 days exhibition, there was a long queue all day long, and the on-site staff strictly controlled the number of people under the premise , the number of the audience has reached more than 250 times, and more than 1,000 people have experienced it directly. The visit is enthusiastic, and full of praise for the game.



At the same time, combined with the new products released on the spot, there are also the exclusive original film masterpiece "City in the Sky: Guardian of Light Stone" exclusively developed by the content creative team of Movie Power, as well as the IP of the guardian of time and space-Xiaoying, three arrows. The on-site harvest was full, and it won five heavyweight awards, including Metaverse VR/AR/MR/XR Leading Enterprise, Digital Cultural Tourism Leading Enterprise Award, Metaverse Interactive Technology Award, Excellent Digital Equipment Product Award. It has been unanimously recognized by the industry market and the expert panel of judges.







The scene attracted many mainstream media, including Chinese authoritative media, IQiyi, Tencent Video, Sohu Video,, Feifei Entertainment, Mango TV, PPTV Juli, Youku Video and other authoritative media through live broadcast, interviews, etc. Support follow-up reports, online all-round and multi-angle display of the scene and brand strength of the global pre-sale of Influenza's new products.






03/Cool solo competition, experience competition and enjoy it


For this global pre-sale and New product launch exhibition, Movie Power has brought many "great popular VR new product" to appear on the scene. Immersive products such as VR Space coaster, VR Space Racing, VR storm battlefield etc, has attracted many people to experience .





VR Space coaster--Exciting VR roller coaster and shooting experience


It has attract many people to play,with 360 degree rolling experience and the special effects, bring the truly immersive roller coaster experience for player.




VR Storm Battlefield-- competitive and exciting


"Mobile Duel Battlefield" is a must-play game for the majority of shooting enthusiasts. Support 1V1 competition, life and death sniping is in an instant, with high play ability and super stickiness! The unstoppable passion and excitement are all screaming!





The 6th Asia VR&AR Expo 2022 and the National Pre-sale Conference of Movie Power New Products was ended successfully on 12th, August. Every detail of the scene is full of our hearts. Thank you for your support and love from friends who participated in this exhibition from all over the country!



If you are passionate about the Metaverse high-tech industry, join hands with Movie Power, let us go hand in hand and win the future together!



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