China International Game & Amusement Fair 2015


In China (Zhongshan) International Games & Amusement Fair 2015, Movie Power mainly showed the 6DOF electric 6 seats 9d vr and 3seats 9d vr simulator. 9D VR has set off a new era of film and television. Now, audiences experience what is not only the movie world on the screen, not just the visual impact, but also the physical and mental enjoyment. VR easily leads us into the virtual reality world, lets us enjoy the novelty and charm of another world. VR helmet lets our brains immerse in a new virtual world. However, it combined with Movie Power’s electric platform, that can perfectly reflects the attractiveness of the virtual world, lets people completely enjoy it, even unable to extricate themselves. This magic power, not fantasy, but VR has.


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In the exhibition, Movie Power’s exhibition became the most popular booth. People were attracted to our booth by the laughter and scream from who were experiencing our 9d vr simulator. More and more people wait to experience in line. It can be seen clearly how the experiences enjoy the scene in virtual reality world from their faces. Medias compete to report our booth. From the interviewees, more than 90% of people think it is very marvellous, they feel they really meet and do the same thing in the virtual world. The real experience of the audience is the best proof for this technology. The experience feelings of spot people also greatly increase the confidence of investors who want to invest in this project. Many customers proposed to visit Movie Power, of course, we are very willing to bring them to our company. At the same time, we also invited some foreign customers who are interested in this project to our company, they are also willing to accept it. Some foreign customers even signed the purchase order on the spot.


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