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  • China Guangzhou Movie Power Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd. Company Profile
  • China Guangzhou Movie Power Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd. Company Profile
  • China Guangzhou Movie Power Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd. Company Profile
Company Details
Main Market:Array
Business Type:Array
No. of Employees::200~250
Annual Sales::5000000-8000000
Year Established::1990
Export p.c::90% - 100%
Customers Served:

Guangzhou Movie Power Technology Co.,Ltd. (Brand name : Movie Power) is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research &development and application of VR, AR and 4D dynamic technologies. It integrate creativity, R&D, content, production and solutions and operation services. Focus on providing high-value immersive entertainment education products and solutions for indoor park, cultural tourism, science research and other industry applications. Movie Power is the leading company in this field.
Movie Power's main qualifications and honors: National High-tech Enterprise, "The best Chinese Technology", Innovation and Technology Industry Bench-marking Award, Guangzhou Science and Technology Popularization Base, ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification, Intellectual Property Management System Certification, Top 10 Innovative Star Enterprises in 2020 etc.
Movie Power is the leading enterprise in immersive experience intelligent manufacturing. It truly combines virtual and reality in VR experience. There are more than 3,000 customers around the world. With customer-egocentricity, the company will continue to operate with sincerity, high quality, and excellent service. Dedicated to become a good partner trusted by customers.


Welcome to Movie Power, and thanks for choosing Movie Power!


Founded up in 2008, with 150-200 staffs. Movie Power is major in VR,AR and 4D motion technology research and development application. During these years, we are engaged in dynamic cinema research, development and production, through the efforts of teamwork, the technology is very mature.


2008-2013 years

We have core team focus on VR, 4D, 5D movie cinema area and create our brand,“Movie Power”.


2014 years

We research and develop the 4D/VR special effect controller and invent and produce the electric servo to control the technology, then put them into the business market.


2015 years

Movie Power, which is called Technology Innovation Little Giant Enterprise in Guangzhou City research and develop the VR mini cinema, “Egg Seat”.


2016 years

Movie Power is called as the National High-Tech Enterprise due to research and develop “VR Wide Speed ”machine which is the popular product in the whole industry for improving the body feeling effect and accurately and synchronously simulate the dynamic technology.


2017 years

Movie Power has moved to 13000m3 industrial park.


2018 years

6 products such as typhoon hall and earthquake hall, etc. have won the honor of “High-Tech Innovative Enterprise”.


2019 years

Our company was selected as the annual core supplier of Evergrande. The VR intelligent manufacturing, entertainment experience and popular science education base passed the recognition.


2020 years

Movie Power cooperate with AiqiYi to create the VR full sense in deep realize the "combination of virtual and reality", which is in the leading position in domestic technology and won the title of "China's Good Technology".


2021 years

Our company won 5 awards from Immersive Business Conference around the world and won the “Contract Abiding and Trustworthy”enterprise in Guangdong Province for 3 consecutive years.


1. Technical Training Service


To help user have a comprehensive understanding the products and daily use, maintenance and management, we will provide comprehensive, systematic training for the client-side technician or operator.

This training is including the installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance. Strive to make the user use it according to our training and system construction documentation can be independent management, operation, maintenance the whole system.


2. Guaranty and Warranty


Each part of the equipments will be strict inspected, to make sure the quality before package, and a minimum of fault rate. Follow the guidelines “fully protect the user’s investment and efficiency, fully meet the requirement of user and reduce their burden.” 


a). Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Our company will organize satisfaction surveys according to customer feedback. During this survey, the user can propose any quality problem and opinions, the company will be listened modestly, treat and make record survey to customer problem then solved carefully for customers.


b). After-sale Service

The after-sale department will be in touch with the customer at the first time, effectively communicate with customers about the problems. For general failure problem, the after-sale team will solve by telephone or network remote ways in time. For unable to remove the sever faults problem, after-sale team will arrive on time to solve the problem.


c). Lifetime Service

Even though the roduct is beyond warranty period, we still provide paid on-site maintenance repair service, only charge the basic cost. While users can still get free maintenance technician team of regular service instruction, remote technical assistance and other services. 

Our Team

1. R & D Team

Outstanding R&D team with strong ability, their technology ability covers from the appearance design, software and hardware control to content production, which provides support for development of new products and customization for industrial application.


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2. Sales Team

Provide service for customers in more than 30 countries and regions around the world


China Guangzhou Movie Power Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd. company profile 2

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3. Planning Team

Providing overall planning layout, interior decoration design, site construction drawing.


China Guangzhou Movie Power Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd. company profile 4


4. After-sale Team

More than 20 technicians work in 3 shifts to provide 24 hours service.Provide after-sales support to customers in more than 30 countries and regions around the world.


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