What is virtual reality game arcade


What is virtual reality game arcade?

By applying the latest generation of information and communication technologies, such as near-eye display, perceptual interaction, rendering processing, network transmission and content production, we have created a new experience that combines immersion and virtual reality, the virtual reality arcade. This game arcade provides a series of products and services to allow users to immerse themselves in the virtual world and enjoy a new gaming experience.


Virtual Reality Game Business Project

With the continuous advancement of virtual reality technology, the industry will quickly optimize the performance of software and hardware in the future, thereby reducing the price of virtual reality equipment. This optimization includes improving display resolution, frame rate and degree of freedom, reducing latency and dizziness, and improving interactive performance and device weight. Virtual reality devices will continue to develop in the direction of thinness, lightness and ultra-high definition, and with the application of high-performance chips and other software technologies, the user experience will continue to improve. The virtual reality market will also expand rapidly, providing new opportunities for the explosive growth of the entire virtual reality industry.


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As an increasingly mature leader in key virtual reality (VR) technologies, Shadow Power is a model of the new generation of information technology integration and innovation. The virtual reality entertainment equipment we independently develop and manufacture has broad application prospects among consumers and different industries, which provides huge space for industrial development. We provide customers with one-stop virtual reality arcade solutions to help them quickly achieve profitability and succeed in the virtual reality entertainment market.

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