Guangzhou Movie Power Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd.

Guangzhou Movie Power Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd. Guangzhou Movie Power Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd. Guangzhou Movie Power Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd. Guangzhou Movie Power Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd. Guangzhou Movie Power Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd.
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Guangzhou Movie Power Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd.
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Business Type: Manufacturer
Main Market: North America
South America
Western Europe
Eastern Europe
Middle East
No. of Employees: 200~250
Annual Sales: 5000000-8000000
Year Established: 1990
Export p.c: 90% - 100%
About Us

Movie Power is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D and manufacture of VR·4D dynamic cinema equipment. It owns more than 10,000 square meters of industrial park for VR·4D. 10 years adhering the craftsman spirit, Movie Power has won lots of invention patents, utility model patents, appearances patents, software copyrights, and 8 export certificates. Especially in 2016, it gained the national high-tech enterprise.

Movie Power has a super R&D team with over 30 engineers and operating team with over 20 designers. It is the first company in the industry to establish a global 24-hour after-sales service (24³) system: 24 hours online, 24 hours full after sales, 24 hours to solve the after-sales problem. Company business philosophy is “ customer-centric, results-oriented”.

Base on 5S standard, the 10,000 square meters production area is in good order. ISO9000 management system certification not only is an effective guarantee of quality, but also to achieve an annual output production of 3,000pcs VR simulators and 2000pcs 4D dynamic cinema. All products are fully inspected from raw materials, accessories, assembly, inspection and testing. Especially the 72 hours uninterrupted life-cycle test before shipment.

Movie Power pays more attention to product quality, model design and content creation. The show room is more than 1,000 square meters, which consists of VR hall, science education hall, and 4D dynamic cinema hall. More than 30 kinds of VR products divide in 4 series, sports series, children's series, leisure series, and dynamic series. They are hot selling and popular to more than 50 countries in the world. Among them, the VR super racing car is the hottest and favored by customers in more than 30 countries. And VR-Family is the most popular product with 6 seats equal to 6 times income, which gains the title “king machine of making money”. The dynamic 4D cinema has become the benchmark in the industry, which combines the latest special effects and acoustic optoelectronic technologies to create a new 4D dynamic cinema to the world.

For 10 years, Movie Power has always focused on R&D, application and production of VR and 4D motion technology. In 2018, we will fully promote “Extensive-entertainment innovation and operation”, and provide “better site operation services” to dear customers!


Welcome to Movie Power, and thanks for choosing Movie Power!


Founded up in 2008, with 51-100 staffs. Movie Power is major in 4D/5D Dynamic Theater, 7D & XD Interactive Cinema, 9D VR simulator. During these years, we are engaged in dynamic cinema research, development and production, through the efforts of teamwork, the technology is very mature. At present our company has realized to upgrade large 4 D / 5 D cinema project and new interactive dynamic cinema.


2008 – Enter to industry

Guangzhou Movie Power Electronic Technology Co., Ltd start to enter this industry.


2009~2010 - Research

The young company was growing fast and doing research for the technology, with a professional R&D team.


2011~2012 – Development

Successful in developed the 5D Dynamic cinema, and quickly occupied the market in both domestic and international.


2013 - Growing Up

Movie Power is registered as a trademark, and dynamic cinema industry is developing rapidly in all over the world. Our technology is growing mature, and we success in R&D and manufacture the 4DM Dynamic cinema with hundreds of seats. It becomes mass entertainment consumption.


2014 – New Technology

To continue to improve the function of theater 4D/5D, we create the interactive dynamic cinema 7D with gunshot game. It brings more exciting to players, since it’s not only a movie but also a game. It’s hot selling and we sold to at least fifty countries.


2015 - Innovation

Comply with market needs, and on the basis of 4D/5D theater and 7D interactive cinema, we have developed the "9D VR simulator" in 2015. It’s the newest experience for dynamic cinema and attract more investor in this industry. 


2016 -  New concept

With the increasing demand for vr product, the product line has been extended to more than 10 models. For the first time, the total solution is presented for the first time by the Movie Power. Now, the number of offline vr experience center has exceeded 263.


1. Technical Training Service


To help user have a comprehensive understanding the products and daily use, maintenance and management, we will provide comprehensive, systematic training for the client-side technician or operator.

This training is including the installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance. Strive to make the user use it according to our training and system construction documentation can be independent management, operation, maintenance the whole system.


2. Guaranty and Warranty


Each part of the equipments will be strict inspected, to make sure the quality before package, and a minimum of fault rate. Follow the guidelines “fully protect the user’s investment and efficiency, fully meet the requirement of user and reduce their burden.” 


a). Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Our company will organize satisfaction surveys according to customer feedback. During this survey, the user can propose any quality problem and opinions, the company will be listened modestly, treat and make record survey to customer problem then solved carefully for customers.


b). After-sale Service

The after-sale department will be in touch with the customer at the first time, effectively communicate with customers about the problems. For general failure problem, the after-sale team will solve by telephone or network remote ways in time. For unable to remove the sever faults problem, after-sale team will arrive on time to solve the problem.


c). Lifetime Service

Even though the roduct is beyond warranty period, we still provide paid on-site maintenance repair service, only charge the basic cost. While users can still get free maintenance technician team of regular service instruction, remote technical assistance and other services. 

Our Team

1. Sales Department:  20 people 

Our professional sales team to meet with your requirements,and provide experienced business management for you


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2. Marketing Department:  10 people  

Provide costomized cabin design,advertisement or experienced marketing planning for you


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3. Technology Department: 15 people 

Our professional technical excellent R&D team will answer and solve all your concerned matters and help to you install and maintain


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4. Film and Action Department : 5 people

We have the ability to make 5D,7D and 9D movies independently,and aslo adopted computerto edit the movie action


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5. After-sale Department::5 people

Our perfect after-sales team provide 24 - hour high - quality service for you. We will offer you installation ,remote maintenance, movies updated and other services.


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