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Virtual Motion Platform Construction Machines Simulator Safety Experience

Virtual Motion Platform Construction Machines Simulator Safety Experience

  • High Light

    CE Virtual construction machines simulator


    ISO9001 standard construction machines simulator


    220V Construction Machines Simulator

  • Name
    Vr Simulator Motion Platform
  • Voltage
  • Application
    Shopping Center,Theme Park
  • Special Effect
    Simulate Electric Shock Accident
  • Advantage
    Immersive Experience
  • Warranty
    12 Months, Lifetime Maintenance
  • Certificate
    CE Certificate
  • Place of Origin
    Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
  • Brand Name
    Movie Power
  • Certification
  • Model Number
    Construction Safety Experience
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 set
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    Air bubble plastic inside, carton and wooden packing outside
  • Delivery Time
    7-15 working days after receiving the deposit
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, T/T, Western Union
  • Supply Ability
    200 Set/Sets per Month

Virtual Motion Platform Construction Machines Simulator Safety Experience

Small Business Virtual Machine Motion Platform Construction Safety Experience


In daily production, despite various preventive measures, personal accidents still occur. By immersively simulating the scene of accidents through VR, workers can experience the accidents on their own, so that they can feel awe of the accidents deep in their hearts and establish a sense of safety first.


Virtual Motion Platform Construction Machines Simulator Safety Experience 0


Product description:
VR high fall experience strengthens normative training for construction operations during construction. In the experience scene, when the construction personnel are working at a high place, they set up worn-out and aging formwork, which has limited load and is overwhelmed and breaks. Whether or not the constructors wear safety belts during construction will be the key to whether an accident occurs. Strengthen the construction workers’ awareness of wearing safety belts safely through project experience.


Content description:
The content screen adopts vivid and realistic 3D modeling, animation, effects and rendering solutions, using advanced animation and digital effect technology, digital cloth simulation, hair rendering, and motion matching technology. Shadow Power has a professional VR science project design optimization team to create high-end and immersive VR science content.


Ten basic safe operation requirements to prevent falling from height

1. Personnel working at heights must dress neatly, and it is strictly forbidden to wear slippery shoes and high heels such as hard plastic soles. Tools should be placed in the tool bag at hand.
2. It is strictly forbidden for personnel working in high places to fight with each other to avoid the danger of falling.
3. When performing climbing operations, the structure of the climbing equipment must be firm and reliable, and the use must be correct.
4. All kinds of hand-held machines and tools should be checked before use to ensure that they are safe and reliable, and work near the opening of the hole should prevent objects from falling.
5. The construction personnel should go up and down from the specified passages, not to climb scaffolds, cross balconies, and climb or walk in non-specified passages.
6. When carrying out suspended operations, there should be a firm foothold and the safety belt should be fastened correctly; the site should be equipped with fence nets, railings or other safety facilities according to the specific conditions.
7. When working at high places, all materials should be stacked steadily, and should not be placed on the edge or near the opening, and should not hinder the passage.
8. When dismantling at high places, the materials and construction waste that have been dismantled must be cleaned up and transported away in time. They must not be randomly placed on the walkway or discarded downwards, and the work walkway should be kept unblocked.
9. When working at high places, it is not allowed to throw materials, tools and other objects down or up.
10. In all construction sites, any materials that may fall should be removed or fixed first, and the disassembly should be carried out under the conditions of forbidden areas and human supervision.


Virtual Motion Platform Construction Machines Simulator Safety Experience 1


Parameter for Construction Safety Experience

Product name Construction Safety Experience
Voltage 220V
Size Customized
Player More than 10 players
Application Theme park, VR park, science and technology museum
Certificate CE Rosh
Warranty 12 months ,lifetime maintenance



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